Federal and California State Income Tax Services

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Individial Income Tax

If this is your first time filing your federal or your California state income tax, we’ll be more than happy to help you throughout the process. We’ll explain to you the process, we’ll look for the best option to file your tax return and we’ll guarantee you the greatest return possible. Come into our office to speak to a tax professional.

Filing as a married couple.

Are you filing as a married couple this year. We can help. If you have dependents that attend college or own your home, you might be eligible for additional tax credits. Let us give you a free consultation on your Federal and California state income tax obligations. Call us to make an appointment.

Small Business Income Tax

If you have your own business whether it is a retail store, barbershop, landscaping, or restaurant. We can help you file your Schedule C.  The Schedule C allows you to report to the IRS your income and expenses incurred during the tax year. Let us file your return. Make an appointment to visit our income tax office.

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Federal and California Services by Blue Income Tax

We are great at what we do. Help People with all their tax needs.

We love helping people with all their tax needs. Whenever you have questions or need help figuring something regarding taxes feel free to call us 424.204.5550. We are more than happy to help. If you prefer feel free to stop by our office at 13911 S. Hawthorne, Hawthorne CA 90250.

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Tax Services

  • Federal Income Tax

    We help you determine the necessary forms you need to file. Federal Tax Law allows individuals to file different forms depending on individual requirements. We’ll make sure you file the right form to save you money and increase your return. We’ll show you ways in which you can save for retirement while getting tax cuts. Schedule an appointment to see our tax professionals and discuss the best way to file your individual case.

  • California State Income Tax

    In addition to the federal income tax forms, each California resident and those who have had earnings in the state must file a California State Income Tax return. When we complete your returns we automatically handle this for you. We make sure to make the necessary adjustments and file the return for you. Feel free to call us if you have any questions regarding the California State Income Tax, we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

  • Previous Years Tax Filings

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  • Corrections to Income Tax

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  • Small Business Income Tax Filing

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Individual Tax Returns

We complete and file your individual tax returns.

Small Business

We can complete and file your business Schedule C